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- Service & Support
We ship over 100K sets Speaker Systems every month. We have established a very good reputation worldwide.

-Sample Availability & Policy:

We provide samples/prototypes on request of customers. Please contact us for more information.

-Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions:

We offer one-year warranty for our products. We provide 0.5% spare parts for the necessary accessories or backup for the first shipment, depending on the customer's needs.

-Export/Import Processing Support:

All our products are shipped by a professional and reputable logistics company in China and Hong Kong. We can also assist you with your shipping and your import/export needs.

-After Sales Service:

All our employees are qualified to assist you with any problems or queries that you might have. We also have a dedicated after sales service team that handles all queries. Thus, you can rest assured that your email to us will get answered with clear and concise content.

We also encourage you to send us feedback on our products and services so that we can have a better understanding of what our customers needs are when we design new products.